Bobos Hurghada Water Sports: meet our company

Do you dream to fly? Do you like having fun? Feel the speed, play and fly with Bobos Watersports in Hurghada, Red Sea!

There are many water activities and water sports in Bobos Hurghada:
  1. Parasailing
  2. Speed Boat
  3. Banana Boat
  4. Water Skiing
  5. Wakeboarding
  6. Knee boarding
  7. Tubing with Donuts or Kings
  8. Pedal boat
  9. Water-Quad Zego

It will never be enough! Now you can have all your fun all the time!
(Please note that all watersports are weather permitting.)

About the company
  • Bobos Hurghada Water Sports is one of the leading watersports companies in Egypt with an extensive experience in this field for over 25 years within all areas in Egypt starting from Sharm El Sheikh to Hurghada up to Marina in the North Coast.
  • We have over 250 experienced employees in our company, our staff members are carefully chosen to deliver the best service and quality level in tourism field in Red Sea and other areas of Egypt.
  • We have an insurance policy that covers all individuals undertaking any watersports activities with the company.
  • The Bobos Water Sports company is committed to deliver the highest quality levels to ensure guests satisfaction and pleasure.
Company facilities
  • 10 Speed Water Parachutes
  • 10 Speed Zodiacs for rescue and fast access
  • 10 Jet Ski
  • Submarine and Glass Boat
  • 15 Speed boat includes all watersports

Company experiences

Tour Operators

We have contracts with multiple tour operators to conduct various watersports activities for their guests, among those companies are:
  1. TEZ Tour (Sharm El Sheikh – Hurghada)
  2. Travco (Sharm El Sheikh – Hurghada)
  3. Hilton (Sharm El Sheikh)
  4. Blue Sky (Sharm El Sheikh)
  5. Silvia Tours (Sharm El Sheikh)
  6. Flash Tour (Sharm El Sheikh – Hurghada)
  7. Pegas Touristic (Sharm El Sheikh – Hurghada)
  8. Thomas Cook (Sharm El Sheikh)
  9. Als Tours (Hurghada)

Sharm El Sheikh Hotels

  1. El Salam Concord
  2. El Baron
  3. Coral Beach Tiran
  4. El Bostan Hotel

Hurghada Hotels

  1. Movenpik Hurghada
  2. Steigenberger Hotel
  3. Hilton Long Beach
  4. Golden Five
  5. Grand Siva
  6. Grand Hotel
  7. Grand Resort
  8. Grand Makadi
  9. Fort Arabesc
  10. Tia Heights Makadi
  11. Sun Rise Makadi
  12. Sun Rise Garden
  13. Sun Rise Mamlouk
  14. Beach Albatros
  15. Arabia and Arabilla
  16. Premium Horizon
  17. Ali Baba, Jasmine and Alaa El Din hotels
  18. Titanic Beach and Titanic Palace
  19. Sindbad Resort

North Coast Hotels

  1. Marina El Alamin (biggest Resort in Egypt and North Coast)
  2. Porto Marina
  3. Ocean Blue Hotel